Tailings Remediation Action Plan (TRAP)

Minerals Reclamation Technical Overview

Our Hg-free Au ore processing, & CN-free Tailings Remediation Action Plan (TRAP), and minerals reclamation Innovation was born out of the overwhelming Global necessity to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASGM, and

• find an economically sustainable alternate solution to using Hg-amalgamation for ASG miners, and *APROPLASMIN Members (“Members”) to sustainably and safely recover more Au to make more money,

• mitigate the ongoing human and children in utero health threats, local terrestrial biodiversity destruction based on Scientific evidence, and current ASG miners’ practices,

• eliminate the use of sluices lined with “Peter Plates”; stacked copper (Cu) plates hand-covered in Hg to recover Au,


• mitigate the Global environmental costs caused by ASG miners, and Members use, misuse, discharge, and vaporization of Hg to our biosphere producing Au for jewellery, and electronics Au,

• create new jobs remediating Hg-amalgamation Chilean  processing centers toxic tailings ponds, one center at a time or scalable using Shaker tables proven and documented to recover 100% of the spent Hg for safe and proper disposal, 100% of silver (Ag), and 100% of the Hg-flour Au for profit. 

The TRAP aims to;

• support the UNEP #CleanAirForAll Initiative to #BeatAirPollution, The (COP) Minamata Convention on Mercury, and Ecuador’s Minamata Article 7 ASGM National Action Plan (NAP) to #MakeMercuryHistory aims to,

• support the government of Ecuador’s under-performing Community Tailings Facility (CTF) El Tablón tailings project by providing the APROPLASMIN Members with a relatively low-cost sustainable method to remediate their existing unmanageable abandoned, Ag and Au rich toxic tailings ponds using shaker tables,

safely reclaim a proven 100% of the tailings spent Hg for proper disposal, 100% of silver (Ag) which is considered a contaminant and never processed, and 100% of the residual Hg-flour Au sustainably using shaking tables, a nominal investment to make more money,

• promote the Gravity Borax Method (GBM) of sustainable Au recovery proven by ASG miners, and documented by Scientist to recover 3 times more Au sustainably without any toxic tailings, and up to 5 times more Au recovery reported in Bolivia,

• enhance the GBM for ASG miners to recover more Au using a locally-tooled, low-cost Popandson sluice with “unbacked” Nomad matting (a.k.a. miners moss) documented to recover 3 (three) times more Au than using sluices lined with balleta’s (wool carpets), or Peter Plates, copper (Cu) staggered plates hand covered with Hg.

encourage safe and sustainable Au-ore processing for the approx. 20 million impoverished ASG miners including 4.5 million women and 600,000 children all having undiagnosed Hg poisoning thereby improving their health, the community’s well being, and their livelihood by providing a sustainable income while mitigating human health threats, and biodiversity disasters,

• encourage private capital investment with profits from sustainably reclaimed silver (Ag) and Au while simultaneously reclaiming Hg for safe and proper disposal mitigating any, and all Hg threats or, biodiversity destruction.

Our TRAP to #MakeMercuryHistory starts in the Amazon Rainforest in the Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador mining district with Zaruma, one of Ecuador’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and ongoing biodiversity disaster for decades due to ASG miners and Members use, misuse of Hg, and other toxic compounds being discharged and vaporized to our biosphere.

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