Tailings Remediation Action Plan (TRAP)

Minerals Reclamation Technical Overview

Our mercury ("Hg")-free Au ore processing cyanide ("CN")-free tailings remediation minerals reclamation pilot plant prototype proposes to incorporate current existing low-cost economically viable, and relatively unknown  safe and sustainable gold ("Au") extraction technologies, and processes destined to eliminate mercury use in whole-ore Chancha barrel processing, and cyanide use in tailings remediation.


Mercury-Free Gold Ore Processing 

The pilot plant Chancha barrel processing room will adapt our enhanced version of the eco-friendly low-cost Gravity Borax Method (“GBM”) for sustainable Au recovery to demonstrate to the local ASG miners in the Portovelo-Zaruma mining district they can safely recover 3 (three) times more Au without using Hg thereby mitigating any future Hg discharge into the Calera and Amarillo rivers, and Hg vaporization to our biosphere.


The miners will be demonstrated proper crushing, grinding, gold panning techniques, and that roasting of the Au-ore concentrate to 600oC will remove sulphides, and oxidize  mineral contaminants prevalent in Portovelo-Zaruma’s low-intermediate sulphidation - extensive high-grade gold and silver epithermal vein complex which increases the efficiency of using borax as a flux for smelting further improving Au recovery.

The enhanced GBM replaces the miners inefficient balleta lined sluices documented to lose 70% of the Au to tailings with an innovative low-cost light weight locally tooled portable Popandson sluice lined with “unbacked" Nomad matting (a.k.a. miners moss).


The Popandson sluice used to capture Au is proven and documented to recover 2 (two) - 3 (three) times more Au than using balleta lined sluices potentially eliminating ASG miners Hg use in whole-ore Chancha barrel processing, and panning when miners realize how much more Au can be safely and sustainably recovered without using Hg. 

The GBM is currently in use by ~ 30,000 ASG miners in 6 (six) Countries.


Shaker Tables - Gold Ore Processing


The pilot plant prototype proposes to adapt the low-cost mechanical portable Shaker tables (a.k.a. self-cleaning sluices) proven and documented to recover 95%+ of the Au > (greater than) 325 mesh (44 microns) after milling by density separation allowing *APROPLASMIN Members ("Members") to recover more Au safely and sustainably; a nominal investment to make more money. 


The Shaker tables will replace the Chilean mills balleta lined concrete sluices, and end the use of toxic


Peter Plates; stacked copper (Cu) plates hand-covered in deadly neurotoxin Hg.

Shaker Tables - Tailings Remediation Minerals Reclamation


Shaker tables will provide Members a new and sustainable source of income from remediating their existing abandoned unmanageable toxic tailings ponds.


Shaker tables are proven to recover 100% of the spent Hg for safe and proper disposal, 100% of the silver (“Ag”) considered a contaminant and not processed, and 100% of the Hg-flour Au to make more money while creating new jobs remediating tailings ponds one center at a time, and scalable.

The TRAP aims to;

• mitigate any further ongoing human and children in utero Hg health threats, local terrestrial and global biodiversity destruction based on Scientific evidence, and ASG miners’ current safe and sustainable practices to recover more Au

• support the UNEP #CleanAirForAll Initiative to #BeatAirPollution, The (COP) Minamata Convention on Mercury to #MakeMercuryHistory, and Ecuador’s Minamata Article 7 ASGM National Action Plan (NAP) to #MakeMercuryHistory

• support the government of Ecuador’s under-performing Community Tailings Facility (CTF) El Tablón tailings project by providing the APROPLASMIN Members with a relatively low-cost sustainable portable method to remediate their existing unmanageable abandoned Ag and Au rich toxic tailings ponds using shaker tables

encourage safe and sustainable Au-ore processing for the approximately 20 million impoverished ASG miners including 4.5 million women and 600,000 children all largely having undiagnosed Hg poisoning thereby improving their health, the community’s well being, and their livelihood by providing a sustainable income while mitigating any further human health threats, and biodiversity disasters

• encourage private capital investment with profits from sustainably reclaimed tailings Ag and Au while simultaneously reclaiming Hg for safe and proper disposal mitigating future Hg human health threats, and biodiversity destruction.

*Asociación de Propietarios de Plantas de Beneficio Mineral (Association of Owners of Plants of Ore Reduction, Smelting and Refining of Mineral Substances of El Oro Province)


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