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Shaker Tables

Tailings Remediation

mercury ("Hg"), silver ("Ag"), and gold ("Au") Reclamation

Coupled Shaker Tables.png

Shaker (shaking) tables (a.k.a. self-cleaning sluices) are eco-friendly mechanical tables sloped to capitalize on gravity with rapid shaking to efficiently separate minerals by density instead of particle size to concentrate the gold ("Au")-ore, and are destined to replace Chilean mill sluices as they:  


  • leave zero toxic tailings;

  • will potentially eliminate Chilean processing centers Hg discharge from panning, and Hg vaporization to our biosphere;

  • are relatively low-cost @ approximately $USD 22,000 F.O.B. Guayaquil for 2 (two), 2’ x 4’ tables per Chilean mill with a processing capacity of 500 – 600 lbs./hr. or $USD 32,000 F.O.B. Guayaquil for 2 (two) 4’ x 8’ tables per Chilean mill with a processing capacity of 2,000 – 2,500 lbs./hr.;

  • are easily coupled to Chilean mills replacing balleta or Peter Plate copper ("Cu") stacked lined sluices hand covered with Hg used to capture the Au;

  • are extremely efficient, and proven to recover 95% of the milled Au > 325 mesh (44 microns).

No Chilean Mill Sluices.png
Peter Plates.png
Mill Shaking Tables.png

Our Tailings Remediation Action Plan (TRAP) to #MakeMercuryHistory invites APROPLASMIN Members ("Members") to participate as Stakeholders in the conversion of one of approximately 63 of the Members unlicensed abandoned equipped Chilean processing centers to develop the World’s 1st Hg-free ore processing, and CN-free tailings remediation and minerals reclamation pilot plant in Portovelo-Zaruma where we will demonstrate that by adapting the Innovation, Members


  • can safely and sustainably recover silver (“Ag”) for the 1st time, and recover more Au using shaker tables, make more money, and be healthy and happy;

  • will have the opportunity to safely and sustainably remediate their existing abandoned tailings to reclaim 100% of the spent Hg for safe and proper disposal, 100% of the Hg-flour Au, and 100% of the Ag providing them with a new and sustainable source of income;

  • will be compliant with the governments El Tablon license requirements to  reopen their abandoned processing centers as processing tailings using shaking tables, produces zero toxic wastes potentially eliminating their use of toxic CN.

  • will create new jobs remediating one abandoned tailings pond at a time, or scalable with multiple Shaker tables;

  • will encourage private capital investment.

Kenya, 2017 Mount Baker Metal and Mining, LLC., (“MBMM”) demonstrated and published a video on YouTube of local AS miners using their MBMM donated shaking table to safely recover the miners reported 2 (two) and 3 (three) times more Au sustainably after roasting the Au-concentrate then smelting using low-cost readily available borax as a flux compared to using Hg-amalgamation.

Kenya Miners part 4: Recovering 2-3 times more gold using our shaker table than sluices (6:20 sec)

Sudan, Africa 2020, MBMM demonstrated and published a video on YouTube of local miners using their MBMM donated shaking table to remediate their tailings safely reclaiming 100% of the spent Hg, and 100% of the residual Hg-flour Au sustainably without producing any toxic waste. 

Recovering Mercury and Gold with a Shaker Table from Tailings Sudan, Africa (19:13 sec)

Shaker tables will provide the Members the opportunity to develop a new source of sustainable income from remediating their existing and abandoned unmanageable Ag and Au-rich toxic tailings ponds without using toxic cyanidation to reclaim the spent Hg for proper disposal, and the residual Hg-flour Au faster and sustainably than cyanidation, and create new jobs.


Shaker tables will undoubtedly replace tailings NaCN processing once the Members realize:


- they will recover more Au faster and sustainably, and make more money without toxic Hg or Zn being vaporized, and discharged to our biosphere;

- the equipment cost is substantially lower than both the Merrill-Crowe cyanidation equipment and the C.I.P (Carbon In Pulp) leaching process equipment;

- less expensive to operate and maintain;

- potentially resolving miners and Members disagreements due to unknown Au content in tailings as shaker tables reclaim 100% of the residual silver (“Ag”), Au. and spent Hg while producing no toxic waste;

- they occupy substantially less surface area to operate producing a greater square meter income ratio;

- eliminates the discharge of Hg and cyanidation waste to the Calera and Amarillo rivers thereby mitigation any further human health threats, and biodiversity destruction with the conversion of an abandoned Hg-amalgamation Chilean processing center by adapting our Innovation.

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