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The illegal Brazilian gold you may be wearing

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

| BBC News | Latin America & Caribbean |

| February 02, 2022 |

A special task force in Brazil is conducting raids deep in the Amazon, in a new crackdown against what it calls "blood gold" mining.

Mining in territories that are supposed to be protected by law is destroying the lives of indigenous people and wreaking havoc on the environment.

The UK is the third biggest buyer of Brazilian gold, and public prosecutors have alleged that 30% of Brazil’s exports may be illegally mined.

The BBC was given exclusive access to film a rare special forces operation. The identities of some of the operatives have been protected.


It’s everywhere: in the rain, snow, our food, our waters, even in the human placenta! Mercury is poisoning life on Earth.

ARE YOU AWARE artisanal miners' gold ore processing produces 20% of the world's supply of gold used in our jewellery, iPad’s, iPhone, computers, and other electronics devices and is the world's largest anthropogenic source of deadly mercury pollution overtaking coal fired plants mercury emissions in 2017?

Artisanal miners' ore processing uses mercury, a deadly neurotoxin to extract liberated gold from crushed or milled ore by forming an amalgam which is vaporized to our atmosphere releasing 2,000 tonnes of mercury vapor to our atmosphere annually

Mercury pollution is documented in 2021 by Oxford University earth scientists to stay airborne up to one year then precipitates back to Earth in the form of rain and snow.

The morbid irony lies in the fact the same vaporized mercury is polluting the air we all breathe, contaminating our drinking water, polluting the Oceans we swim, poisoning the fish we consume especially tuna where mercury bioaccumulates the most causing health issues, and global biodiversity destruction.

But finally there's hope!

👉 Alchemy Mining Group, Inc.

“An innovation provider with an initiative to eliminate the use of mercury in Artisanal gold ore processing”

Bruce A. Cosgrove, M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) President/C.E.O

Visit our Corporate site to see what we’re doing about artisanal miners’ ore processing and how to profit proudly during our Token To Gold exchange program owning sustainably reclaimed tailings gold, a globally wasted commodity to be artisanally crafted into one-ounce (95% 22k) coins or ingots.

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