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Russia is plundering gold in Sudan to boost Putin's war effort in Ukraine

| July 29, 2022 | CNN Exclusive | by Nima Elbagir, Barbara Arvanitidis, Tamara Qiblawi, Gianluca Mezzofiore, Mohammed Abo Al Gheit and Darya Tarasova |

Video by Alex Platt and Mark Baron |

Khartoum, Sudan (CNN)

Days after Moscow launched its bloody war on Ukraine, a Russian cargo plane stood on a Khartoum runway, a strip of tarmac surrounded by red-orange sand. The aircraft's manifest stated it was loaded with cookies. Sudan rarely, if ever, exports cookies.

A heated debate transpired between officials in a back office of Khartoum International Airport. They feared that inspecting the plane would vex the country's increasingly pro-Russian military leadership. Multiple previous attempts to intercept suspicious Russian carriers had been stopped. Ultimately, however, the officials decided to board the plane.

Inside the hold, colorful boxes of cookies stretched out before them. Hidden just beneath were wooden crates of Sudan's most precious resource.....

It’s everywhere: in the rain, snow, our food, our waters, even in the human placenta! Mercury is poisoning life on Earth.

Did you know Artisanal miners' gold ore processing produces 20% of the world's supply of gold used in our jewellery, iPad’s, iPhone, computers, and other electronics devices and is the world's largest anthropogenic source of deadly atmospheric global mercury pollution overtaking coal fired plants mercury emissions in 2017?

Artisanal miners' ore processing uses mercury, a deadly neurotoxin, to extract liberated gold from crushed or milled ore by forming an amalgam which is then vaporized leaving the gold while releasing ~1,220 tonnes of mercury to our atmosphere annually which is documented in 2021 by Oxford University earth scientists to stay airborne up to one year then precipitates back to Earth in the form of rain and snow.

But finally there's hope!

Check out the Company design schematics prototyping the world’s 1st mercury free “Sustainable Manipueira Precious Metals Leaching Center” which uses a plant-based extract solution, "manipueira”, as a lixiviant which safely recovers more gold and silver from ore bearing precious metals by comparison to using mercury, and from toxic tailings wastes generated during current artisanal ore processing methods.

The Company is seeking impact investment capital to implement it's scalable ESG-driven climate action initiative in Zaruma, 1,200 meters high up the Amazon Andes, one of Ecuador’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the site of the Planet’s largest anthropogenic (man-made) source of deadly global atmospheric mercury pollution.

Download the Offering by clicking here : $USD 1.5 Million Crowdfund Offering.

Alchemy Mining Group, Inc.

An "innovation provider with a scalable ESG-driven climate action initiative designed to eliminate mercury used by artisanal ore processors and to safely recover more gold sustainably”

Bruce A. Cosgrove, M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) President/CEO

"Profit proudly owning sustainably reclaimed tailings gold, a globally wasted commodity"

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