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Merry Christmas-Feliz Navidad

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

"La Tierra proporciona lo suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades de todos los hombres, pero no la codicia de todos."

At this time of the year especially, be aware of the human health threats and global biodiversity destruction costs caused largely by artisanal ore processing facilities which use and vaporize 2,000 tonnes of mercury, a deadly neurotoxin, to our environment annually to produce 20% of the gold used in our jewellery, iPad’s, iPhone, computers, and other electronics devices.

Artisanal ore processing is the world's largest anthropogenic source of deadly mercury pollution overtaking coal fired plants mercury emissions in 2017 and documented in 2021 by Oxford University earth scientists to stay airborne for up to one year precipitating back to Earth in the form of rain and snow.

The morbid irony lies in the fact the same vaporized mercury is polluting the air we all breathe, contaminating our drinking water, polluting the Oceans we swim, poisoning the fish we consume especially tuna, where mercury bioaccumulates the most causing health issues, and global biodiversity destruction.

Peru is suing Ecuador in an internationally supported law suite for decades of human health threats and biodiversity destruction of the Puyango-Tumbes river basin caused by the artisanal ore processors use of mercury in the Portovelo-Zaruma mining district with damages estimated at $USD 35 billion.

Visit our site and participate in our climate action initiative to prototype the world’s 1st 80 tonnes/day mercury free "manipueira" sustainable ore and tailings leaching center and profit proudly owning reclaimed tailings gold to be transformed to *Limited Edition* artisanally crafted one-ounce gold coins or ingots (95% 22k).

The ~40,000 residents of the Portovelo-Zaruma mining district Ecuador including the ~10,000 local artisanal miners all largely having undiagnosed mercury poisoning and our Planet thanks you for supporting our climate action initiative.

Alchemy Mining Group, Inc. (AMGI)

An Innovation Provider to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASG miner's gold ore processing.

Bruce A. Cosgrove, B.Sc., M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) President/C.E.O

Profit proudly from sustainably reclaimed tailings gold, a globally wasted commodity.

Alchemy Liquid Gold Coin, the world's 1st climate action utility token listed for trading on the decentralized Waves.Exchange (DEX) open blockchain platform enabling impact investment capital funding.

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#Envision2030 #GenerationRestoration #impactpreneurs #MakeMercuryHistory

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