Mercury (II) Binding Activity of Vegetable and Fruit Juices: Identifying Potential Detoxifying Juice

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Artisanal gold mining is known to cause high levels of mercury (Hg) contamination to human populations, due mainly to many miners burning gold amalgams without the use of safety equipment and/or mercury capture systems.

In Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador, there are more than 10,000 ASG miner's directly involved in artisanal mining. As mercury (Hg) vapour accumulates in the kidneys and brain, it is important to investigate potential agents that may be effective in helping to detoxify contaminated individuals.

Mercury is a deadly neurotoxin and precursor to Methylmercury an even deadlier neurotoxin than elemental Hg both of which penetrate the blood brain barrier, the placenta, and the central nervous system.

Are you aware about this global deadly mercury crisis, the human health and global biodiversity costs for jewellery and electronics gold?

Approximately 18 - 20 million impoverished artisanal and small-scale gold (ASG) miners all largely having undiagnosed mercury poisonings in ~ 80 countries dangerously toil daily to produce ~20% of the world’s gold supply using mercury, a deadly neurotoxin to make gold for our jewellery, our iPads, our iPhones, computers, and other e-devices releasing 2,000 tonnes of mercury to our environment annually.

The morbid irony is the same mercury used to extract the gold is polluting the air we all breathe, contaminating our drinking water, polluting the Oceans we swim, poisoning the fish we consume causing health issues, and global biodiversity destruction.

A Solution; the use of "manipueira" bitter cassava plant-based extract, an option to replace mercury use and profit proudly owning sustainably reclaimed tailings gold, a globally wasted commodity transformed into Limited Edition artisanally crafted one-ounce gold coins or ingots (95% 22k).

Alchemy Mining Group, Inc. (AMGI)

An Innovation Provider to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASG miner's gold ore processing.

Bruce A. Cosgrove, B.Sc., M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) President/C.E.O

Founder - Alchemy Liquid Gold Coin, the world's 1st Climate Action utility token listed for trading on the decentralized Waves.Exchange (DEX) open blockchain platform seeking Impact Capital Investment.

To make a sustainable change, we have initiated Climate Action in Ecuador’s Portovelo-Zaruma mining district 1,200 meters high up in the Amazon Andes where 65 APROPLASMIN Members own and operate 68 of 87 whole ore mercury amalgamation Chilean processing centers collectively responsible for the annual discharge of 1.9 million tonnes of toxic tailings waste.

Make a Difference - Download our "Impact Capital Investment Opportunity" @ our Corporate Site for details to fund sustainable mercury free ore processing and profit proudly.

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