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Interview with Bruce A. Cosgrove - Cassava Plant extract to leach more gold from ore Sustainably

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Do you know what gold, jewellery, electronics, Ecuador, biodiversity destruction, and UK Super Rock Star @robbiewilliams have in common?

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Mercury is a deadly neurotoxin and a precursor to Methylmercury an even deadlier neurotoxin than elemental mercury, and with unknown biomagnification effects.

Did you know the Tuna caught in the Pacific Ocean contains mercury discharged from 87 operating Chilean gold ore and tailings processing centers located 1,200 meters up in the Amazon Andes in the Portovelo-Zaruma mining district Ecuador?

Collectively these centers are responsible for the annual discharge of 1.9 million tonnes of deadly toxic mercury, toxic cyanide, mercury-cyanide complexes, and other heavy metals tailings waste surface sludge directly into the Calera and Amarillo rivers.

The toxic pollutant is fluvially dispersed zig-zagging throughout the Amazon rivers polluting Peru’s Puyango-Tumbes river basin resulting in an International supported lawsuit for biodiversity destruction, human health threats, terrestrial and aquatic species losses, and loss of drinking water with damages estimated at $USD 35 billion.

The pollutant continues through the Amazon polluting the rivers shore banks to the Gulf of Guayaquil emptying into the Pacific Ocean which it has since the 15th Century.

December 17, 2020, UK Super Rock Star @robbiewilliams reported he 'almost died' from mercury poisoning over seafood habit.

Have I got your attention?

Artisanal and small-scale gold (ASG) miner's use of mercury in ore processing is the Planet’s largest anthropogenic source of deadly mercury pollution documented by the University of Oxford earth scientist in 2021 to stay airborne up to one year.

“We propose to use a solution extracted from plants, bitter cassava, as a gold leaching lixiviant for the first time in the history of the mining industry.” Marcello M. Veiga, Ph.D.

Continue reading and support our "TRAP" to eliminate mercury use in ASG miner's ore processing starting in Zaruma to mitigate any further human health threats and biodiversity destruction from one of the eighty-seven Chilean processing centers.

Your Impact Investment Capital will eliminate the centers monthly use of 2 tonnes of cyanide and 2.2 Kilograms of mercury by using cassava plant-based extract to safely and sustainably leach more gold from ore and tailings.

Download our Investor Presentation on our Corporate Site outlining our proposal seeking Impact Investment Capital.

About: Alchemy Mining Group, Inc. (“AMGI”)

An Innovation Provider to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASG miner's gold ore processing.

Bruce A. Cosgrove B.Sc., M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) Pres./C.E.O

"Profit proudly with sustainably reclaimed tailings gold; a globally wasted commodity."

Founder: Alchemy Liquid Gold Coin;

the world's 1st #ClimateAction utility token listed for trading on the decentralized Waves.Exchange (DEX) open blockchain platform seeking Impact Investment Capital.

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