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Congratulations: Dr. Marcello Veiga Presents the Newlox Coexistence Model for Artisanal Mining

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Vancouver, BC –The Newswire -14 October 2021– Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. (“Newlox” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that Dr. Marcello Veiga, head of Newlox Research and Development Corp. recently made a keynote presentation at the United Nations’ Planet Gold Conference.

Dr. Veiga described the Company’s Coexistence Model for Artisanal Mining, which seeks to improve outcomes for miners and the environment by providing miners with an environmentally and socially positive alternative to artisanal mineral processing through fair partnerships with the formal resource industry.

This method, which is designed to result in greater economic productivity for local miners while simultaneously reducing environmental and social impacts, is currently being implemented by Newlox Gold at its operations.

Are you aware about this global deadly mercury crisis and the human health and biodiversity costs?

Approximately 18 - 20 million impoverished artisanal and small-scale gold (ASG) miners all largely having undiagnosed mercury poisonings in ~ 80 countries dangerously toil daily to produce ~20% of the world’s gold supply used for your jewellery, your iPads, your iPhones, computers, and other e-devices.

This includes 4.5 million women and 600,000 children under the age of 15 all exposed to mercury, a deadly neurotoxin.

Collectively they are responsible for the annual discharge of 2,000 tonnes of mercury to our biosphere documented in 2021 by Oxford University earth scientists to stay airborne up to one year.

A Solution; the use of "manipueira" bitter cassava plant-based extract, an option to replace mercury use and profit proudly owning sustainably reclaimed tailings gold, a globally wasted commodity transformed into Limited Edition artisanally crafted one-ounce gold coins or ingots (95% 22k).

About: Alchemy Mining Group, Inc. (“AMGI”)

An Innovation Provider to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASG miner's gold ore processing.

Bruce A. Cosgrove, B.Sc., M.Sc., (Solution Chemistry) President/C.E.O

"Profit proudly with sustainably reclaimed tailings gold; a globally wasted commodity."

Founder: Alchemy Liquid Gold Coin, the world's 1st Climate Action utility tokens listed for trading on the decentralized Waves.Exchange (DEX) open blockchain platform seeking funding.

Download our "Impact Capital Investment Opportunity" @ our Corporate Site for details and sign up for our Blog.

#MakeMercuryHistory #Envision2030

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