Our TRAP created for the APROPLASMIN Members (“Members”) is to acquire by purchase or Joint Venture (“JV”) an abandoned or unlicensed Members Chilean processing center, and coordinate with Stakeholders and private Service Providers the remediation and conversion of the facility to the world’s 1st Hg-free ore processing cyanide (“CN”) free tailings remediation mineral reclamation pilot plant to sustainably recover 100% of the spent mercury ("Hg") for safe and proper disposal, and 100% of both the residual silver (“Ag”), and  Hg-flour Au for profit with the adaption of our Innovation.


The pilot plant will be remediated and dedicated to tailings remediation. Our proposed pilot plant is designed to include an education and training center. One Chilean mill (typically 6 – 12 per center) will be dedicated to milling and gravity separation using shaking tables for training and demonstration purposes as our commitment to the Community.

The Chilean processing facility whole ore Hg-amalgamation Chancha barrel processing room will be remediated and converted for the ASG miners to use the enhanced Gravity borax Method (GBM) of sustainable Au recovery for training and demonstration purposes as our commitment to the Community including 3% of the tailings ponds Au profit for every tailings pond remediated.  

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