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Dec 17, 2020 UK Super Rock Star Robbie Williams 'almost died' from mercury poisoning over seafood habit. 

December 15, 2020 according to University of Oxford earth scientist’s mercury has an atmospheric lifetime of around a year, the impact of mercury sources can be felt at considerable distance, making mercury pollution a global as well as local issue

March 24, 2020  Mysterious chemical found in dead cat’s brain reopens debate over mercury poisoning disaster Minamata Japan 1932 - 68. The city of Minamata, Japan, is dotted with monuments commemorating victims of an industrial mass poisoning decades ago. High in the hills, a small stone memorial honors other deaths—of cats sacrificed in secret to science

November 26, 2019 California's iconic fog is bringing super-toxic mercury ashore. Researchers find that the neurotoxin is carried in by coastal fog, deposited on the land, and then makes its way up the food chain where it is approaching toxic thresholds in pumas.

Coastal fog linked to high levels of mercury found in mountain lions, study finds Marine fog brings more than cooler temperatures to coastal areas. Researchers at UC Santa Cruz have discovered elevated levels of mercury in mountain lions, the latest indication that the neurotoxin is being carried in fog, deposited on the land, and making its way up the food chain.

Marine fog inputs appear to increase methylmercury bioaccumulation in a coastal terrestrial food Coastal marine atmospheric fog has recently been implicated as a potential source of ocean-derived monomethylmercury (MMHg) to coastal terrestrial ecosystems through the process of sea-to-land advection of foggy air masses followed by wet deposition. 

September 17, 2019 Air pollution can reach the placenta around a developing baby. A study of women in Belgium found black carbon particles, or soot, within the organ.

May 21, 2019 Artist Andrew Levitas Tackles Corporate Greed in ‘Minamata’ starring Johnny Depp. The Planet’s worst, Anthropogenic [man-caused] mercury poisoning catastrophe murdering & deforming thousands of Minamata Bay residents from corporate greed, & corrupt government, Japan 1932-68

April 03, 2019 Toxic air will shorten children's lives by 20 months, study reveals. The life expectancy of children born today will be shortened by 20 months on average by breathing the toxic air that is widespread across the globe, with the greatest toll in south Asia, according to a major study.

October 29, 2018 According to the WHO, air pollution kills 600,000 children each year. Exposure to toxic air both indoors and out kills some 600,000 children under the age of 15 each year, the World Health Organization warned Monday

January 02, 2019 According to a new WHO report ‘Air pollution and child health: prescribing clean air’, Air pollution’s devastating impact on children’s health. Every day around a staggering 93% of the world’s children under the age of 15 years breathes air that is so polluted it puts their health and development at serious risk. 


Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution since they breathe more rapidly than adults. Which means they absorb more pollutants. Additionally, as they are still developing their brains and bodies children physical stature are at levels where some pollutants are in higher concentration.

According to the NYT, thousands of children with crippling birth defects. Half a million people poisoned. A toxic chemical found in the food supply. Accusations of a government cover-up and police officers on the take.

According to the NYT, in Indonesia, outlaw gold miners poison themselves to survive. One large mining company is trying to shut illegal operations, which use mercury. The small-scale miners say there’s no other way to earn a living. 

According to the Journal of Environment, mercury is a serious health hazard for children in gold mining areas. In many developing countries, mercury is used to extract gold from ore in small-scale mining areas. Exposure through mercury in these small-scale mining communities is a serious health hazard, especially to the children living and working there.

According to the WHO, mercury is considered to be one of the top ten chemicals to threaten your health. Especially children in utero and early life are affected and need to be protected from the harmful chemical

1971 Iraq Poison Grain Disaster - Methylmercury


December 1971 - March 1972. the most catastrophic epidemic ever recorded with more than 6,530 patients admitted to hospitals with poisoning, 459 deaths reported and more than 100,000 cases of brain damage.


Saddam Hussein, as the government's no. 2 behind Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, decided to import Methylmercury (antifungal agent) coated seed grain for the late 1971 planting season however, instead of planting the seeds as was the intention, the farmers made bread and when ordered to stop using the grain they dumped it into the rivers crating a human health unborn fetus threat, and biodiversity catastrophe.


Dr’s project the real numbers are 10 times the reported numbers for reasons explained in the publication

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