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Enhanced Gravity Borax Method (GBM) of Sustainable Au Ore Processing

The Innovation enhances the eco-friendly borax smelting efficiency increasing the consistency and purity of the recovered gold ("Au"), it’s amenability to Portovelo-Zaruma’s low-medium sulfide Au quartz geology, and it’s portability with the use of: 


  • low to zero-cost basic chemistry to remove contaminant minerals and sulphides by roasting the Au-concentrate @ 600 Celsius prior to using borax as a flux for smelting;

  • improved methods for crushing, grinding, and panning using soap;

  • zero-cost gravity with a low-cost locally tooled novel light-weight portable Popandson sluice lined with “unbacked” Nomad matting (a.k.a. miners moss) to capture a documented 3 (three) times more Au than using balleta lined sluices;


The enhanced GBM is destined to replace ASM’s Hg use, and inefficient balletas used in sluicing documented by Scientists to lose 70% of the Au to tailings as Hg-flour Au.


Once the miners realize the increased Au recovery they will immediately switch to using borax as the tailings Au content is previously unknown to the miners which leave their tailings as payment for services causing disagreements with the APROPLASMIN Members, and creating a lack of trust.

Popandson Sluice.png
Nomad Matting.png
Nomad Matting Au Recovery.png

Popandson sluice on the Nome beach (4:32 sec)

Click to Download The Popandson Fine Gold Sluice

Design and Operating Guidelines


Smelting a Gold Button (8:43 sec.)

Roasting Ore.png
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