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In 2013, the construction of the El Tablón communities tailings facility mandated in 2003 was initiated by the provincial Government of El Oro. The estimated lifetime of El Tablón is ~ 20 years during which time it will receive an estimated 900,000 tonnes of tailings per annum from most of the processing plants in the region.


Our TRAP Proposition created for the APROPLASMIN Members (“Members”) is to acquire by purchase, donation and/or Joint Venture (“JV”) an abandoned or unlicensed Members Chilean processing center, and coordinate with Stakeholders and private Service Providers the remediation and conversion of the facility to the World’s 1st Hg-free ore processing, and cyanide (“CN”) free tailings remediation and mineral reclamation pilot plant to sustainably recover 100% of the spent Hg for safe and proper disposal, and 100% of both the residual silver (“Ag”), and  Hg-flour Au for profit with the adaption of our Innovation.


The pilot plant will be remediated and dedicated to tailings remediation. Our proposed pilot plant is designed to include an education and training center. One Chilean mill (typically 6 – 12 per center) will be dedicated to milling and gravity separation using shaking tables for training and demonstration purposes as our commitment to the Community.

The Chilean processing facility whole ore Hg-amalgamation Chancha barrel processing room will be remediated and converted for the ASG miners to use the enhanced Gravity borax Method (GBM) of sustainable Au recovery for training and demonstration purposes as our commitment to the Community.  


Each Chilean processing facility contains 3 tailings ponds with a minimum capacity of 2,295 – 59,400 tons. The reported average Au content of the Portovelo-Zaruma geology is 20.2 gms./ton for the Vizkaya vein (0.08 gms./ton – 175gms./ton) and 25.3 gms./ton up to 70 gms./ton for the Nikol vein of which 70% of this Au is lost to tailings during processing.


It is well documented ASG miner’s Au recovery in ore processing is 30% with 70% lost to tailings, and 100% of the Ag lost to tailings and Nitric Acid which is poured on the slag after roasting to remove impurities.

Calculating the residual Au in each pond using 5 gms./ton & 10 gms./ton estimates the Au content ranging from 410 oz – 10,607 oz for the smaller pond, and 820 oz – 21,214 oz for the larger pond.

There exist ~2 3 abandoned or unlicensed Chilean processing centers.

To fund our TRAP to #MakeMercuryHistory and profit proudly, March 20, 2018 we issued and listed for trading 7,140,000.00000000 (8 Decimals) of the World's 1st   #ClimateAction Utility Token, AlchemyLGCoin© operating on the Waves.Exchange decentralized open blockchain platform.


Q1 2021, we will be Offering and distributing 5,000,000 #ClimateAction AlchemyLGCoin© utility tokens to raise an aggregate of *2,564.00 Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), or Waves (Waves) cryptocurrency equivalent  on the Waves.Exchange.

The Offering price is fiat $USD 0.30 equivalent ETH, BTC, or Waves per AlchemyLGCoin© utility token aggregating $USD 1.5 Million fiat equivalency.

AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction Utility Token is a negotiable title of ownership in a digital crypto-form, asset backed with 750 (seven hundred-fifty) Artisanally crafted *Limited Edition* one-ounce #ClimateAction Au coins (95% purity) certified sustainably processed Hg and CN free at our Portovelo-Zaruma pilot plant.

Invest in our TRAP to #MakeMercuryHistory, and profit proudly as the owner of the World’s 1st #ClimateAction Utility Token, AlchemyLGCoin© listed for trading and operating on the Waves.Exchange decentralized blockchain platform for #Crowdfunding.

Exchange your AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction Utility Tokens during our Token to Gold Exchange Program 18 (eighteen) months post funding close to own the World’s 1st one-ounce (95%purity) **Limited Edition** Artisanally crafted #ClimateAction Au coins certified sustainably processed at the World's 1st Hg and CN-free minerals reclamation pilot plant in Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador.


Open a Waves.Exchange digital wallet and purchase AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction utility tokens and exchange them during our Token to Gold Exchange Program 18 months post-closing.


Own the world’s 1st **Limited Edition** Artisanally crafted one-ounce (95% purity 22 karat) #ClimateAction Au coins certified sustainably processed Hg and CN free, and profit proudly with reclaimed Au, a globally wasted commodity.

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Your Donations will fund the continuation of our digital marketing and awareness campaign, our efforts to finance the acquisition and conversion of an APROPLASMIN Chilean Processing center, and the implementation of our Innovation to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASGM beginning in Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador to build the World's 1st Hg and CN free Au-ore, and tailings processing pilot plant.

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