Artisanal and small-scale gold mining ("ASGM") #ClimateAction utility Token Sales Event ("T.S.E.") 

live for #Crowdfunding  on Waves.Exchange 

​​The Planet’s 1st #ClimateAction Cryptocurrency Blockchain

Smart Futures Contract to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASGM

Asset backed with, 2,000 *Limited Edition* collectable, one-ounce #ClimateAction gold coins certified, #GreenGoldMined (95%min. purity)


We have created an AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction digital currency utility token listed for trading and operating on Waves.Exchange decentralized open blockchain platform live for #Crowdfunding to #MakeMercuryHistory and:

  *finance, promote, educate, market and execute our #GreenGoldMining #ASGM mercury and #cyanide free #BoraxFluxSmelting #ClimateActionNow solutions to #MakeMercuryHistory in the district of Portovelo-Zaruma.  This action eliminates deadly toxic mercury-cyanide tailings sludge polluting the Calera and Amarillo rivers  through Peru Puyango-Tumbes river basin to the Gulf de Guayaquil and Pacific Ocean,  and;

  *modernize our Ecuador facilities to continue gold production at our Joint Venture (“JV”) underground gold mine “Mina San Juan” in the Bella Rica mining district, western Azuay province, municipality of Camilo Ponce Enríquez Ecuador which has been Artisanally mined producing gold (“Au”) balls since 2012 and;

  *initiate discussions to acquire/JV a Chilean mercury processing facility in the district of Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador, for conversion to #BoraxFluxSmelting beginning with our Mina San Juan ore and;

    *execute #GoldTollMilling operations purchasing and aggregating ore from government registered local ASG miners to ensure an ethical, responsible & sustainable #GreenGoldMined ore supply chain while encouraging responsible #ASGM operations with a clear commitment for present and future generations with #BoraxFluxSmelting thereby, immediately eliminating both mercury use, and deadly toxic #cyanide chemical waste while  sustaining the livelihood and income for the ASG miners and communities together we can  #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain.


(95%+ gold purity)

AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction digital currency utility token is a negotiable title of ownership in a digital crypto form asset backed with gold, mined & extracted from our Ecuador JV underground gold mine Mina San Juan and crafted into 2,000 Limited Edition one-ounce #ClimateAction gold coins certified #GreenGoldMined.


Available only to our token holders during our $USD 2.0Million Token to Gold exchange program

with bonuses & discounted gold pricing.

We are conducting a #ClimateAction Initial Coin Offering (I.C.O) in 3 T.S.E.’s distributing 6,200,000 AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction utility tokens of 7,140,000 ever-capped supply to  raise a collective total of 21,875.00 ETH* ($USD 4,375,000) or Waves-(DEX) listed and traded cryptocurrency equivalents.


The capital will be used in part to execute our Zaruma, Ecuador 2020 Three-Phase Green Gold Mining Solutions to acquire a Chilean processing facility and convert to #BoraxFluxSmelting to showcase and #MakeMercuryHistory in the district of Portovelo-Zaruma, Ecuador. Here 110 Chilean mercury processing facilities are dumping toxic mercury-cyanide sludge from processing ~ 10,000 local ASG miners ore polluting the Calera and Amarillo rivers through the Peru Puyango-Tumbes river basin to the Pacific Ocean with the most ore being processed from Western Azuay Province, Bella Rica mining district.


We plan to modernize, resume gold production, initiate exploration and use our facilities as our #GreenGoldMining operational platform to promote ethical and responsible ASG mining in Bella Rica through #GoldTollMilling aggregation of government certified ASG miners ore to be processed initially in the district of Portovelo-Zaruma using #BoraxFluxSmelting @ our converted facility as #ClimateActionNow solutions to #MakeMercuryHistory & 🙏#MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain🙏 



* according to the World Gold Council, 190,040 tonnes of gold have been mined throughout history to end – 2017 of which a whopping 47.7%, is gold for jewelry?

*mercury-dependent ASGM is the #Planet's largest #Anthropogenic [man-caused] source of #mercury pollution primarily due to India and China's ever growing gold demand for jewelry?

*according to the Journal of Health Pollution, ASG miners typically use 500 grams of mercury to recover 1.5 grams of gold (“Au”) with the excess mercury being both, vaporized to the environment with the mercury contaminated toxic chemical waste tailings sludge containing 5 – 10 grams of Au per ton after being rinsed with #cyanide only to recover less than 10% of the waste mercury flour Au,  is dumped in rivers and streams?

*when ASG miners spew their toxic mercury-cyanide sludge containing other toxic metals into the environment, the mercury becomes part of the food chain and micro-organisms transform it to Methylmercury [H3C-Hg+ X- ], a powerful neurotoxin that bio-accumulates in shellfish and fish, and is readily absorbed by biological tissue, and more toxic to humans and wildlife alike at low doses than elemental mercury and which poses developmental, hormonal, & neurological threats to both humans & wildlife.

*high level exposure to #Methylmercury is known as Minamata disease previously, Chisso-Minamata Disease, strange disease, sauntering disease, ominously, “dancing cat disease”



*~ 15 million ASG miners including 4.5 million women directly impacting 100 million people in 70 Countries produce ~ 25 - 40% of the World's gold supply for jewelry making #MercuryPollution and poisoning a Global issue?


"ASGM is the primary source of gold production in Ecuador, accounting for 85% of total national production. Ecuador ranks fourth in Latin America in both estimated gold production and total number or artisanal and small-scale gold miners"

According to Environmental Justice Atlas, ASGM in the district of Portovelo-Zaruma, the oldest and largest of its kind in Ecuador composed of ~ 10,000 local ASG miners, has 85 #mercury amalgamation facilities along the rivers of Calera and Puyango processing local ore and vaporizing #mercury to the environment and dumping the deadly toxic mercury-cyanide waste tailings in the rivers polluting through to Peru and ending up in the Pacific Ocean making #mercury pollution, a Global issue.


According to Ecuadorian Deputy Mining Minister Henry Troy July 31, 2018, “Illegal mining in Ecuador is a plague causing incalculable harm”  

According to Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime estimates that Ecuador produced 12 tons of gold in 2013, of which only 3 tons were from legal gold mines. Jaime Jarrín, the Director General of Arcom, the Ecuadorian Agencia de Regulación y Control Minero, said in April 2013 that he believed true production was between 15 and 20 tons.

Ethical and sustainable  #GreenGoldMining #ASGM  #ClimateAction solutions begins with our own Ecuador gold mine Mina San Juan ore to promote and execute #GoldMillTolling and #BoraxFluxSmelting processing with a clear commitment for present and future generations to encourage responsible development of ASGM operations to #MakeMercuryHistory immediately while sustaining the livelihood and income for the benefit of the ASG miners, communities and together, we can #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain

fueled by; Alchemy Mining Group, Inc.


79°42’ 36.59" W  3° 05’ 2.51"S 

We acquired a 50% equity and board control of Alquimia y Explotación Minera San Juan Alquiexmi S.A., an Ecuador gold mining company with granted mineral rights on two gold mine concessions with operations on our Bella Rica Codigo: 15 in the Bella Rica mining area, western Azuay province, municipality of Camilo Ponce Enríquez Ecuador. 


  The Bella Rica Codigo: 15 concession has been developed with buildings, equipment, operational facilities, running water and has been artisanally mined and exploited by our joint venture partner blasting a 1.3 Km main underground tunnel Mina San Juan with 2 extensions extracting ore from 3  of 5 identified & known veins producing gold balls since 2012



#GreenGoldMining #GoldTollMilling aggregation of government certified ASGM miners ore with #BoraxFluxSmelting are #ClimateActionNow solutions to #MakeMercuryHistory and #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain

Own our *Limited Edition* collectable, one-ounce #ClimateAction gold coins  certified, #GreenGoldMined. Available only to our token holders during our *Token to Gold* exchange program (95%min. purity). *20% token bonus*


"Mercury, a neuro-, nephro-, and immunotoxic used in gold mining is a global pollutant, bio-accumulating, mainly through the aquatic food chain, resulting in a serious health hazard for children. The development of the child in utero and early in life is at particular risk. Mercury is ubiquitous and persistent exposure can cause acute and chronic intoxication at low levels of exposure"

"Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury. Study finds excessive levels of the metal, which can seriously harm unborn children, in women from Alaska to Indonesia, due to gold mining, industrial pollution and fish-rich diets"


"Minamata disease (Japanese) is a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning 1st discovered in Minamata city in 1965 from the release of methylmercury in the industrial wastewater from the Chisso Corporation's chemical factory, which continued from 1932 to 1968"

July 1997, four decades after horrible cases of #MercuryPoisoning made #Minamata Bay synonymous with #environmental catastrophe, the Japanese regional government declared the fish in the bay to be safe to eat

Join us and our ailing #Planet in support of Shinobu Sakamoto, a congenital #Minamata #methylmercury disease fetus victim survivor globally speaking on behalf of all Minamata victims from the (COP2) Minamata Convention on Mercury, November 2018 hosted by UN Environment Geneva, Switzerland call to end #mercury poisoning and #MakeMercuryHistory as **global toxic deadly mercury emissions surged 20% in 5 years

"Effect of ASGM in Southern Ecuador is causing considerable environmental impacts, the most important of which are related to the discharge of metals, metalloids and cyanide into adjacent rivers. The majority of Hg emitted by gold smelters being deposited within 1 km of the emission source contaminating the urban areas with a mix of lead, mercury, manganese, and various cyanides eventually flushed into adjacent river systems poisoning the water and killing all aquatic life in the area"


*The Material Safety Data Sheet lists Borax as a health hazard of 1, the same as baking soda and salt. Borax is classified as non-carcinogenic and a mild skin irritant?

*The Journal of Health Pollution published research that proved more than twice as much, and up to 10 times more gold was recovered from milled ore using #Borax as a flux than mercury amalgamation, and without need of investment in new processing equipment and up to 30% faster than with mercury amalgamation?

*#Borax is a component of many detergentscosmetics, and enamel glazes. It is used to make buffer solutions in biochemistry, as a fire retardant, as an anti-fungal compound, in the manufacture of fiberglass, as a flux in metallurgy, neutron-capture shields for radioactive sources, a texturing agent in cooking, as a precursor for other boron compounds, and along with its inverse, boric acid, is useful as an insecticide?

*According to Appel and Na-Oy (2012) Gold extraction with #Borax for ASG miners has successfully been tested and operational in the Philippines, Indonesia, Tanzania, Bolivia and Zimbabwe for decades. ~ 15,000 ASG miners in a small area of Luzon, the main island in the northern portion of the Philippines, use this method exclusively reporting as much as 3 times Au recovery than mercury? 


*We will acquire from our token holders $USD 2.0 Million fiat cash worth of our #ClimateAction utility tokens priced as quoted on the Waves.Exchange decentralized open market blockchain platform using our 2,000 *Limited Edition* collectible, one-ounce #ClimateAction gold coins as currency beginning 8 months post ICO through a Waves smart contract Turing complete.


*A 20% token bonus premium will be included @ the time of the purchase/exchange through a Waves smart contract Turing complete.

*We will bonus discount our token holders purchase price for each one-ounce *Limited-Edition* collectible certified #GreenGoldMined #ClimateAction gold coins 15% below the London Metal Exchange (L.M.E.) average daily quoted price for one-ounce gold (99.99% purity) @ the time of the purchase/exchange through a Waves smart contract Turing complete

*Exchanged utility tokens will be frozen to prevent dilution and to support the market through a Waves smart contract Turing complete.

*Your AlchemyLGCoin digital currency utility token is live, operates and trades on the Waves - (DEX) decentralized exchange open market blockchain platform available for purchase, distribution and trading now during our early participant pre- launch T.S.E. *100% early participant token bonus


*55% pre-T.S.E. token bonus

*30% - 15% T.S.E. token bonus


*Asset backed with gold responsibly process and crafted to 2,000 *Limited-Edition* collectible, unique one-ounce #ClimateAction gold coins certified, #GreenGoldMined

*Token value may increase with the increasing price of gold


*$USD 2.0 Million Token to Gold exchange program 8 months post T.S.E.


*Tokens acquired during our Token to Gold exchange program will be frozen thus reducing the float and preventing dilution and supporting the market price with the decreasing token supply through a Waves smart contract Turing complete


*The price of the tokens may increase with the decreasing supply.  

*300,000 (4.2%) reserved for bounty programs

*Ever-capped 7,140,000 token supply



Prince George, Mascot

Bruce A. Cosgrove M.Sc. President/CFO Founder

Alexandra D.F. Cosgrove B.Com Director


Daniel G. Rubiolo, Ph.D.

P. Geologist

Alchemy Mining Group, Inc.

Ecuador Joint Venture Company

Alquimia y Explotación Minera San Juan Alquiexmi S.A.


Luis F. A. Alarcon, B.Sc. C.E.O

Director Ops

Franklin H.C.Cevallos B.Sc. P. Eng.

Mining Engineer

Oscar Rios B.Sc.

P. Geologist

Our early participant #ClimateAction pre-launch Token Sale Event is live now. We are Crowdfunding on Waves.Exchange blockchain platform distributing Three Hundred and Seventy Five Thousand (375,000) AlchemyLGCoin© #ClimateAction digital currency utility tokens for 1,875.00 *ETH ($USD375,000), Waves traded cryptocurrency equivalents.

 *AlchemyLGCoin© = $USD 1.00 = .005 ETH 

*ETH = $USD 200.00 or prevailing value @ transaction time


Own our unique *Limited-Edition* collectible, one-ounce



#ClimateAction  Gold Coins certified #GreenGoldMined 









Your Donations will fund the continuation of our #GreenGoldMining #ASGM #ClimateActionNow solutions digital marketing and awareness campaign, our efforts to finance and execute #GoldTollMilling with #BoraxFluxSmelting in support of the UN Environment Programme, The (COP) Minamata Convention on Mercury objective to #MakeMercuryHistory in ASGM beginning Zaruma, Ecuador 2020 and together, we can #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain .

© 2015/16/17/18/19/20 by Alchemy Mining Group, Inc.

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